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Gifts and Promotional Products

Our products have flooded the market in recent times and our man management policies have won lots of accolades. Our honest business ethics have led to an increase in our clientele and we hope to carry the good work forward.

Adidas products
We are the authorized distributor of Adidas products for institutional sales in Delhi NCR.Our major Adidas products are tshirt, cap, tracksuit, shoes and bag etc.



Track Suit


Sports Wear

Track Upper

Round Neck T Shirt


Gift Set

We offer gift sets like unique range of watches and bags which are adept at winning clients’ hearts and have catapulted our rise. Our gift sets are available in different patterns, shades, colours and boast of superior quality. Prices range according to different products.

Gift Sets

Fashion Apparels

We provide an assortment of Fashion Apparels such as Denim Jackets, Mens Jackets, Printed Neckties, Polo-T-Shirts, Round Neck T-Shirts, Formal and Casual Shirts, Studio Jackets, Cotton Tracksuits, Sweat Shirts, Wind Cheaters and Sports Cap. Fine quality denim is used for our jackets. Our products are available in various ranges, patterns designs and shapes and we always follow the latest market trends. Designed by quality fashion designers, they give stylish and cool look to our clients. Unmatched beauty, quality and easy maintenance are hallmarks of our products. They would definitely give the wearer the edge in fashion and bring youthfulness in his steps. Our products are developed with regard to customers’ demands

Mens Jackets

Denim Jackets

Studio Jackets

Printed Neckties


Round Neck T-Shirts

Formal and Casual Shirts

Sweat Shirts

Cotton Tracksuits

Wind Cheaters

Sports Caps

Corporate Gifts

We are considered leading manufacturers and suppliers of Corporate Gifts. Corporate Diwali Gifts, Conference Products, Desktop Accessories, Leather Products, Wooden Products, Gift Vouchers and Festival Gifts consist of our exquisite range of products. For the corporate world, a festive time like Diwali is a memorable occasion to build strong relationships with employees, business partners and clients by showering them with gifts. Our products are definitely produced with regard to corporate tastes and score on quotients like quality, range of designs, beauty, competitive prices, etc.

Desktop Accessories

Conference Products

Leather Products

Wooden Products

Festival Gifts

Corporate Diwali Gifts

Electronics Products

We offer Electronics Products which range from Digital Cameras, Digital Photo Frame, Mp3 Ipods to Pen Drives. Providing high mega pixel quality and high resolution pictures are hallmarks of our digicams. Our optical zoom lenses provide beautiful and clear pictures of far away objects. Ranges of designs and colours increase attraction of our products. Plus, our product quality is unchallenged in the market. Our products also require easy maintenance.

Digital Cameras

Digital Photo Frame

Mp3 Ipods

Pen Drives

Pen Drive

Home Appliances

We offer Home Appliances which include a quality range of Kitchen Wares. Developed with regard to clients’ specifications, our products are famous for their beauty, stability, various designs and strength. Plus, they are easy to maintain and corrosion resistant. Exclusive prices are our norm.

Kitchen Wares

Promotional Products

Our remarkable range of Promotional Products consist of a variety of Promotional Polo-T-Shirts, Promotional Giveaways, Customized Promotional Caps, Bottle Opener, Key Chains, Wrist Watches, Leather Wallets, Mobile Pouch and Victorinox Swiss Knife. Our watches are light in weight.

Promotional Polo-T-Shirts

Promotional Giveaways

Customized Promotional Caps

Promotional Bags

Bottle Opener

Key Chains

Wrist Watches

Leather Wallets

Mobile Pouch

Victorinox Swiss Knife

Carry Bags

We provide high quality Carry Bags in which Trolley Bags, Back Bags, Laptop Bags, Shopping Bags, Travel Bags, Shoulder Bags, Office Bags, Conference Bags, Portfolio Bags, Sports Bags and Leather Bags are listed as our products. Our bags are convenient to carry and are pretty light in weight.

Trolley Bags

Back Bag

Laptop Bags

Shopping Bags

Travel Bags

Shoulder Bags

Office Bags

Conference Bags

Portfolio Bags

Sports Bags

Leather Bags

Non Woven Bags

Conference Gifts

Our remarkable range of conference gifts includes laptops, watches, diaries, etc. Conferences are considered the best time to improve business relations and increase the client base. Our high quality products on account of their high quality, range of designs and optimum usage act as perfect gifts which can give a different platform to your business.

Conference Gifts

Desktop Utilities

We provide superior range of desktop utilities like wall clocks, pen handlers, etc. which definitely adds to the beauty. Our products are famous for their high quality, available designs and colours, different patterns, long life, etc. Consistent prices are our norm.

Desktop Utilities


We provide beautiful diaries made of quality raw materials. They are popular because of their beauty, optimum usage, easy maintenance, range of designs and patterns, etc. Exclusive prices exist.



Our electronics items consist of I pods, equity items, mixers, grinders, etc. and have helped in spreading our name to every household. Our products have earned a lot of fame due to supreme quality, reliability, easy maintenance and providing proper usage and consuming low electricity.

Electronic Equity Appliances

I Pods

Mixer & Grinder

Key Chains

Our range of chains is known for their exquisite beauty and availability in various shades, colours and sizes. Our chains boast of high quality, corrosion resistance, optimum usage and affordable prices.

Key Chain

Leather Products

Our leather products like leather purses and diaries have caught the attention of the customers. They have become famous due to their high quality, long lives, beauty, range of designs, colours, patterns, etc. Leading market prices are our specialty.

Leather Product

Mugs and Flasks

We provide mugs and flasks which can be used in ordinary households and are manufactured using optimum quality raw materials. They are available in various designs and colours and are known for their strength, reliability and long lives.

Mugs And Flasks


We provide remarkable and beautiful trophies designed out of fine quality materials and latest technology. They are available in various shades and colours. Plus, there designs are definitely user friendly. Prices range according to products.



Our different sorts of Umbrellas are available in variety of colours, shapes, patterns and designs. They properly shield the user from rain and heat and are available at impeccable prices.


Wrist Watches & Wall Clock

Our wrist watches & Wall clocks have won the admiration of our large clientele. They are available in various designs, shapes and sizes and are completely built as per users’ specifications. Reliability, high quality, efficiency, optimum usage and long life makes our products the best ones on display. Prices range according to products.

Wrist Watches & Wall Clock